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Actual Reviews and Comments:


You were awesome. You came to my daughters room at the Paris and really made her birthday. The room was trashed with the travel clothes of 3 twenty year old girls and you could barely get in the room with your great outfit and squeezebox. That didn’t keep you from bringing in your wonderful positive energy and a lot of fun. I would like for anyone that reads this to take my hardy recommendation on having the "Squeezebox Hero" to any function you are considering. He is an entertainer and a joy. ( I have no connection with him and no reason to recommend him except for the fun 20 minutes he came into my daughters room and made her birthday special).


Thank you so much.Sincerely,

Del Johnson M.S. P.A.S.

Certified Equine Nutritionist





Singing Telegram with Accordion!

The Squeezebox Hero will blast into the room/restaurant/office/etc. - and surprise the recipient with songs, mylar balloon, & prizes!


Each telegram usually lasts between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the situation, and you can specify if you want it on the shorter or longer side.


Here is what typically happens:

1. He will burst into the room, give the recipient the balloon & song booklet

2. He will then sing the "Big Production" and/or a couple of appropriate songs to the recipient

3. He'll then give the recipient and others the chance to win prizes by guessing the song snippet he plays (he hands out a few song booklets!)

4. After taking song requests and/or playing more prize songs, the Squeezebox Hero will wrap things up with a big song and/or can make the recipient do the Chicken Dance for everybody!


Super secret options:  You can pay him $10 extra to pickup up a few items from a Dollartree or $20 extra to pickup a favorite liquor (plus the cost of the items)


Lots more FAQ HERE

$195 Sale: $119!

Here is one he did for Zappos!


Only $10


Until after the Pandemic!


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