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Southwest Airlines Contest!

Contest info here


But basically, contest ends May 8th, top 10 announced May 22, winners on May 29. I might be Squeezin’ on Southwest birthday
flight June 18th


Links below to all the qualified entries! If no link,
it’s cause their video
didn’t meet contest rule(s)

My competition so far!

Ace Romero

The Gajillionaires

be sure to leave a comment on it (good or bad!)

Glen Raphael


Other submissions:
Master, Servet, Life Electric, Pillow Talk, Red Ties, Noel Webb, Eric Grant (past deadline)

Newest Competition
Videos added
May 8th!

Bad Cactus Brass Band

Ryan Pierson

More videos!


Tyler Shamy

Sons of Thunder

Megan Leonardo
Steve Feinstein
Jeremy Parsons


Bernie Martini

Acapella Vibe

Lo-Fi Sugar

Possum Posse