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Saturday Oct 20, 2018


Best Oktoberfest/Sockmonkey birthday party in the World! Check out the photos!


Wanna go?!? Two easy steps!


1. Go to their registry to donate at least $10 towards one of the zillion fun things the event provides (special biers, Jager, REAL German food, live music, MORE!).

2. Then  EMAIL me for address!



Direct from Hubert (above)

Hello. this is Hubert. are you coming to my party? Have you eaten my homemade pickles before? Are you ready to eat cheese? Do you like yummy beer?  Have you ever worn the cuckoo clock?  Do you like hot cheese?  Have you heard me blow my Alphorn?  Have you called the limo company to pick you up? Do you have your dirndl pressed?  Are you ready to eat sausages? Did you practice your chicken dance?  Do you like chocolate cake? Have you ever climbed the Matterhrnz?  Do you know Heino? Are your lederhosen aired out? Are you ready to eat yummy potato salad? Are you ready for fun? Oof…


Do you like the sausage?  I know i do.  We will eat brats, wurst, weiners, and franks together!  We will also have them made of yummy veggie stuff too!

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