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Some from the Past

See last year’s xmas show:

























Socktoberfest 11
10/18 super fun again!


Rickety Cricket’s Brewing
Kingman AZ



Printer’s Brewing Atlanta Georgia



Socktoberfest X
10/21/17 super fun jah!


Ellis Island Oktoberfests!
10/13/18  *  10/7/17

Wolfgang Puck Oktoberfest
10/4/16 super fun jah!


Steiner’s Pub Oktoberfest
10/7/16 GREAT place & crowd!


Mercury Cafe & Toad tavern Denver



Barrelhouse 101 Ventura
10/1&2/15 Deets HERE


Garlic feast

10/10/15 Deets HERE!


Mickie Finnz Las Vegas
9/18/15 Deets HERE


Denver at Tennyson's Tap
12/19/14  Deets HERE


Denver at Illegal Pete’s!

12/20/14 9-12 FREE All Ages! Details


Denver at Bookstore

12/21/14 FREE * All Ages! Details


Las Vegas German-American club

12/27/14 Krampus party!  And many other dates.


Socktoberfest VII

10/18/14 Deets HERE!


Ellis Island Oktoberfest!

10/11/14 Deets HERE!


Ojai Oktoberfest 2014

Ojai California rocked!


Bikefest in Washington 2014

Ooh lah lah


Whiskey a go go in Hollywood!

On national TV! Axs tv (performing synths with another band)


Las Vegas (& world) on Radio!
11/21/14 7-8pm Details HERE


Mostly private parties right


Some Previous Shows

Recent Socktoberfest at reBar

commercial below!