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Delivery details!

Balloon hat and fun songbooklet in plastic bag (no germs on it!) and FUN song(s). He can also do a request or two, or have her guess a song.


Let the victim know special delivery will arrive near certain time & be ready to come out the front door to get it! He can call or txt you when outside, or call or txt them directly (you can pick a song or 2 from his songlist! And let him know).


Let him know if you’d like it delivered in AM or PM.


If possible he can deliver at an EXACT time if you know they’ll be there then!

Videographer buddy of his
for only $50!

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Where to Deliver

Info on person


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Deliver to:


SAFE DISTANCE Squeezagram!

Safe Distance 10’ feet or so

From her front door (or wherever easy for him to go to OUTSIDE).

He’ll put the balloon hat & song booklet on her gate or similar, then back away to do the mini-concert!

Add his fun

Unicycle buddy to ride around  Squeezy while he plays!

Only $75 extra
just ask him!