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Full stage show with sound system & World’s Smallest Backup Band!

Perfect for stage concerts, clubs, bars, events, & restaurants

Nov Special for Las Vegas

Only $250 !! (regular price $375)


Imagine “Weird Al” type performance of your favorite rock and pop (like Journey, Lady GaGa, Elton John, Offspring, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, etc.) but with even more accordion!
Authentic Polkas, oldies, & more!  
Big custom made backing tracks by the Squeezebox Hero himself will have people dancing and rocking!  He only needs a few feet of space and can plug into your existing sound system, or provide his own!

Videos and more info HERE


Prices for other cities:

(prices may go up or down!)

$700 LA & Phoenix

$1000 Denver, San Francisco, Santa Fe, & Albuquerque  
(pretty much anywhere up to 800 miles from Vegas)  

$500 Kingman AZ, St George UT (100 miles from Vegas)

$1300 Portland (Oregon!)

$1400 Seattle

Don’t see your city? Just ask!

Prices include 2-3 hour concert & his travel expenses. And most of these prices include small sound system (either he’ll bring his, or rent one there). Prices negotiable (if you supply sound system, motel, etc.)

Awesome Christmas & other holiday Parties

Book him now!

Singing Telegrams

Only $119!
Order one NOW!

Only $5 and up!
Order one NOW!

$199 - $399

Book him NOW!


Unplugged concerts & Events

Is perfect for Strolling events, parties, and restaurants!
depending on event and duration


He knows lots of songs (and lots of those, only the best parts!), and he can be completely acoustic, can easily stroll around events and restaurants delighting everyone that would like to hear the music. He knows a few Italian songs (and can read the music to MANY more), so is also perfect for Italian restaurants (in addition to his Polka selections perfect for German places).