Vote for the Squeezebox Hero to win the Maxxo contest!


1. Hold your mouse over the little photo on left

2. Read the RED info

3. Click little photo or go here: tinyurl.com/maxxowinner ,

scroll DOWN to my video & click LIKE (under my video)!


More details: If I win the $500 prize, I’ll buy any of ya that clicked my video’s LIKE - a beer at Ellis Island casino! Note: you must be at Ellis the same night as me on a date I’ll choose in advance! And only the 1st 50 that show up get the free beer (I don’t wanna become the “Jerk”! Haha)


I know, I know - there are probably a few great fiverrs on the page, even some better than mine. But who’s your facebook friend!? And who wants to be part of the winner’s party at Ellis Island casino!?  YOU DO!


Note: you’ll have to have a facebook account to take part in this contest. If you don’t have one, and want one, it’s pretty easy to sign up. If you don’t have a facebook account, AND don’t want one, you could always sign up, click the LIKE, and then close your account!

Old mothers day page still up?


Happy Easter!


$25 custom
Las Vegas Sign Video on  fiverr or ebay!