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A Previous Gig

FREE all ages concert 3-6pm
Sun 8/22
Details HERE


HERE is info on the cause!



Marvelous unique creations perfect for gifts for all occasions!


All things Botielus & Cybele


When you need dependable, strong moving buddies or labor!


11.17.11:  Entered Maxxo contest!


11.9.11: My Virtual Singing Telegram voted BEST of FIVERR!


?.?.11: Great Singing Telegram with VIDEO and PHOTOS HERE!


6.3.11: Last week I did one that turned into 2! The client asked me if I could drive to another restaurant and surprise his friend.  And we were both surprised when I found out that other friend hired me months ago for his girlfriend’s party!


Newer Singing Telegram photos HERE - I had competition with another Easter Bunny sidekick!

My little song is in a soundtrack! See/hear it HERE. I quickly wrote & recorded a little Italian sounding instrumental recorded for soundtrack to a demo for Andy Martello!


Just finished killer Singing Telegrams for Chris (thanx Brittany) & Allie (thanx Keenan). Great fun - best in a while! SHOOT me pix/vid if ya want!!


Had special price for Singing Telegrams! Only $49!  Happy Birthdays to Allie and Chris! Don’t worry, I think this special will pop up again in the future!


Ooh lah lah! Had great time performing some french tunes at giant corporate party at the Paris!

Singing Telegram at Italian restaurant at the Southpoint Casino - fab place and all the workers were super terrific - especially Candy!


Easter party with the Squeezebox Hero! See him with Easter bunny HERE!


On TV in commercial for a new Las Vegas Mayor: Chris G!  Click HERE  

Past events!

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Squeezebox Hero

Squeezebox Hero

Zany singing accordionist. appeared on America's Got Talent. Playing a few standard polkas with LOTS of pop/rock/tv themes. Singing Telegrams to full concerts with my own deluxe small sound system!

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