* Yes, funtoberfest is my version of Oktoberfest! This way it can be ANY month of the year!  


*Question: “Have you ever played an Oktoberfest”? YES, many many many of them!  Including some in Seattle and Portland! With my most awesome partner, we used to performed as
“Samsonite & Delight-Ya” to zillions of fans worldwide (and after our cease and desist letter from Samsonite: “Samson & Delight-Ya”!).  I’ve opened for Those Darn Accordions, Brave Combo, and my favorite Oktoberfest band Polkacide!  


*If you have any questions, please email me!


Note: This price above is for Las Vegas, but he has passport and can go almost anywhere for additional travel fees!

Important Booking info from Squeezebox!