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Singing Telegrams & more!
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Las Vegas’ most fun accordionist!

Squeezagram (singing telegrams with accordion!) price lowered to ONLY $65!
Also: his Funtoberfest party (full electrified concert) special is only $295!                           


Current Specials:


$295 Funtoberfest party!
Add UNIQUE & FUN live entertainment to your event!


$65 Singing Telegrams
Super value!  Live in person! FREE room service!




The Squeezebox Hero is Botielus playing his accordion and singing. He is perfect for Funtoberfest, parties, events, restaurants,  singing telegrams and more! He is a professional musician who knows many songs and loves to perform. He has played thousands of concerts in all sorts of places, and is great in crowd situations and strolling type gigs.  He appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and on stages in Germany, Nova Scotia, Caymans, Canada, & more!

He specializes in "Squeezagrams" - a modern Singing Telegram with accordion! These aren't your typical

singing telegrams.  He provides live accordion music, singing, fun costumes, interaction, and prizes - to provide a spectacle that your person will never forget!


Perfect for the person who has everything. Lifetime of memories! Great last minute gift!


He even rents accordions! If you wanna try one out for a month, or need one for just a day, contact him for a special deal!  The squeezebox hero also reluctantly gives lessons! He has given lessons before to beginners that already know something about reading music (just need to know how to have fun squeezing the accordion!).


In addition to his Squeezagrams, he loves performing full concerts. Either on stage or at parties/events. It’s like having Weird Al at your event, but way cheaper! Plus, the Squeezebox Hero plays LOTS more accordion in his concerts than Al!


Great for almost any location or event, including but not limited to bars, schools, ski lodges, and even funerals (but only for folks that had/have a great sense of humor!).


More blather:

10/14 just finished rockin’ the Ojai Oktoberfest (in Ojai CA). Super fun oktoberfest, workers, fans, lots of tips, good beer, SUPER emcee dude (sp?)

9/14 - Played the famous Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood and was on live, national axs television! Played synths with a tribute band. Rave reviews!

9/14 - played for the super Oregon Cycle event (and separate concert as “Happy Happy Boy Boy” with the super Tony Dunne!)


7/2/12: Just performed at a great backyard birthday party! What a great and huge crowd. We even did the Tequila conga. The only bad part was that I was in day 2 of a cold and my voice was severely limited (at least one octave gone at the top). But I think that made me even funnier, so I guess good after all :-)  I just finished a new video demo edit of 3 of my concerts using my backing tracks (so I sound like a band). Really excited about my upcoming concert at Freakin’ Frog on 7/18/12

Even Formal Italian & French events!


As seen on “America’s Got Talent”!
Somewhere in episode 1 of Season 2

Unique and Fun!

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