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Las Vegas’ most fun accordionist!

Squeezebox Hero is likely Las Vegas' most rockin' accordionist, playing lots of rock and pop not usually associated with the squeezebox. His real name is Botielus, but once this composer and multi-instrumentalist straps on his axe, he becomes a zany character!

For live concerts, he performs with custom backing tracks he arranged and recorded himself. But his favorite gig is brightening days (or nights) for folks, with "Squeezagrams" - modern singing telegrams, with accordion! Easy to order direct from his website to surprise anyone almost anywhere, they are unique and unforgettable!

Squeezebox Hero has appeared on "America's Got Talent" and other television and radio shows. He has performed solo and with a variety of bands and tribute shows around the world. He plays saxophones, synthesizers and keyboards too, but enjoys adding accordion whenever possible.


He even rents accordions! If you wanna try one out for a month, or need one for just a day, contact him for a special deal!  The squeezebox hero also reluctantly gives lessons! He has given lessons before to beginners that already know something about reading music (just need to know how to have fun squeezing the accordion!).


In addition to his Squeezagrams, he loves performing full concerts. Either on stage or at parties/events. It’s like having Weird Al at your event, but way cheaper! Plus, the Squeezebox Hero plays LOTS more accordion in his concerts than Al!


Great for almost any location or event, including but not limited to bars, schools, ski lodges, and even funerals (but only for folks that had/have a great sense of humor!).


More blather:

10/14 just finished rockin’ the Ojai Oktoberfest (in Ojai CA). Super fun oktoberfest, workers, fans, lots of tips, good beer, SUPER emcee dude (sp?)

9/14 - Played the famous Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood and was on live, national axs television! Played synths with a tribute band. Rave reviews!

9/14 - played for the super Oregon Cycle event (and separate concert as “Happy Happy Boy Boy” with the super Tony Dunne!)


7/2/12: Just performed at a great backyard birthday party! What a great and huge crowd. We even did the Tequila conga. The only bad part was that I was in day 2 of a cold and my voice was severely limited (at least one octave gone at the top). But I think that made me even funnier, so I guess good after all :-)  I just finished a new video demo edit of 3 of my concerts using my backing tracks (so I sound like a band). Really excited about my upcoming concert at Freakin’ Frog on 7/18/12

Recent Reviews!

Who is the Squeezebox Hero?

hepstergrl  (fiverr videogram)

Best $5 I've ever spent! Squeezebox Hero is attentive to all details you provide for your custom song/video. PERFECT gift for someone who doesn't *need* anything, or is impossible to buy for.


lilsis502   (fiverr videogram)

Squeezebox hero is my new hero! I ordered a Fathers Day video for my Daddy. I was stunned by its awesomeness! I gave him a few details about dad and I and in return I got over 4 minutes of pure win! I will be back for more Squeezebox Hero video gifts!


Mrs FJL#9 (fiverr videogram)

OMG! I forgot to post the video Mr. Squeezbox did for my husband! His birthday was in March and he works for GM, loves cowboy movies and cars. He went above and beyond what he charges. It was glorious and Steve just sat there with his mouth open the whole time! We all laughed our asses off. Best $5 I EVER spent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okDlMvr1pE0


Kris....  (party)

Thanks again for a great performance. Everybody was talking about it all weekend. THANKS!

Hhenfrey  (fiverr videogram)

Oh my goodness I loooove it!!!!!!!!! So hilarious!!!! I just watched this and had my office mates cracking up. You are the beeeeesssst!!!!  Hugs!!


Hhenfrey (fiverr videogram)

Got my responses in a matter of minutes! He includes every point and even threw in a little extra. So funny! The most unique present you could ask for! Thumbs up all the way!


aaronkaufman  (fiverr videogram)

HOLY F***N SH**, you are a GOD, this is absolutely hilarious. You are the man, thanks so much. You need to be on SNL.


nle1975  (fiverr videogram)

Absolutely wonderful!! I love how you really seem to enjoy making people laugh. I'll definitely be keeping you as my favorite fiverr artist. I'll make sure to tell all my friends to check out your services! Great job and thanks for helping me make my sister's birthday great! Thanks again, Nicole


alouwk  (fiverr videogram)

Seriously, this guy is THE guy. I even didn't expect so much !!


lorenzjahn  (fiverr videogram)

Thank you so much! I love your Video! :D Gonna order the next ones soon! ^^


charvanrea  (fiverr videogram)

Absolutely Fantast !! Exceeded my expectations ....


juxie16  (fiverr videogram)

Second verse, great as the first. This is becoming my new birthday tradition.


seahostler  (fiverr videogram)

SqueezeBoxHero may be the greatest man to have ever lived. This birthday video was northing short of an opus. Thank you SO MUCH!!!


tytanious  (fiverr videogram)

I absolutley LOVE SqueezeboxHero, his work is just fantastic. His humor is spot on. I couldn't recommend him high enough.  


badponymusic  (fiverr videogram) Absolutely brilliant. Appreciate the work you put into the clip mate. Thanks a bunch!


eddiehovas Buddy your a crazy fun nut and I love it! You did a great job! Thanks and I will for sure use you again and spread the wild word!


patrikedlund Just fanstastic


cainbrian You are hilarious!!! :)


cripflip ,my god- that is amazing! thank you soooo much!! i may be disowned but it will be worth it!


sdanilov Funny, zany, unique - a perfect birthday gift for a guy who has everything. Just perfecto in every way! :)


acm_207 Thank you so much for the perfect delivery. You're a true professional.


xnevans This guy was astounding ! SQ Box Hero is A definite buy…whip your $5 bucks and send it his way! And feel free to upgrade to the extras! He's funny, clever, personable and adds a ton of improv….way beyond other 5=ers stuff. Turned the BDay request around in a heartbeat.


jenergy Fantastic! Will hire again!


glebensw Mr Squeezeboxhero ROCKS!



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His Rock-n-Polka show is filled with comedic exuberance that is highly contagious! Mostly rock & pop from the '80s, along with POLKA and a few other styles & TV theme songs - he'll have everyone doing the chicken dance by the end the show. "Tiny Tim & Joan Jett had a baby!" - Jeff Hagen, Artist, Las Vegas

As seen on “America’s Got Talent”!
Somewhere in episode 1 of Season 2